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Ingersoll-Rand Ultra Plus Coolant Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon

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Ingersoll-Rand Ultra Plus Coolant Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon

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All of our rotating equipment lubricants are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.

Our Ingersoll Rand Ultra Plus Coolant is an ultra-high performance lubricant designed to outperform all other synthetic rotary compressor lubricants on the market today.  It was designed with a unique base stock that provides several advances over traditional synthetic base stocks in oxidation resistance and deposit formation.  Rated for 10,000 hours.


 ISO Grade                                       32                                                        


   @ 40��_C, cSt                                  32.3                                                    

   @ 100��_C, cSt                               5.62                                                    

   @ 100��_F, SUS                              167                                                     

   @ 210��_F, SUS                              45.2                                                    

     Viscosity Index                       114                                                     

Specific Gravity                           0.899                                                 

TAN                                                      0.32                                                    

Flash Point, ��_F (��_C)                     494 (254)                                        

Pour Point, ��_F (��_C)                       -70 (-57)                                           

RPVDT, Avg. Minutes                2944                                                  

Rust                                                     Pass                                                   

Emulsion Tendency                  40/40/0                                           

                                                        (10 mins.)

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